An old transsexual, a victim of plastic surgeons.
Oh my god, (s)he is still alive!
by Claque April 14, 2005
The 300 year old cyborg, that has no singing talent at all, and relies on the profits from 60 year old women that still like her. I hate her.
I cant wait for Cher's batteries to run out.
by tj January 28, 2005
semen, a fluid secreted by the penis after a sexual encounter.
I was watching this porn where the chick goes down on the guy and takes a big load of cher all over her face.
by greg April 13, 2003
A phony ass girl who spends hours every day in the mirror putting on make-up and thinks every guy in the world wants to wine and dine her because: "I am beautiful". In reality she looks like a tramp and an easy lay. A type of girl you don't get serious with, but may seriously get into her pants every now and then.
Bubba: Gee your date looks like Cher.
Henry: Yeah thanks, I think I'm in love.

2 weeks later: Henry slashes his wrists.
by Cholo November 28, 2003
the singer for like EVERY heavy metal band
by smokin' da shpleaf mon September 10, 2004

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