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a really cool girl. they generally have a love for emos. can be found in most scene places. they are very good looking and have a great scene of humour and personality.
they are generally the radest girls around.
person 1- omfg that girl is such a sinead.
person 2- yeah but nowhere as cool as the original sinead!
by pipha August 03, 2006
When nothing compares to something.
I'm whippin'. This is so fuckin' Sinead.
by Ravishing Rick Rude October 26, 2006
Sinead is the raddest person you'll ever know. She's extremly sexy and totally awesome :) haters gonna hate because tjey want to be like her . I mean look she just that awesome and extremly goodlooking got all the guys going for her. She's the most intellegent and friendliest personyoull ever know. She may be a bitch but she was born that way :) sinead has the most incredable body. She is one of the most prettiest sexyst girls you'll ever meet :)
Guy:'but why?'
Sinead:' I am sinead bro' :D
by nemo6365563 August 18, 2011
A amazing friend, she'll always be there for you and cares about you whether you know it or not. People sometimes think she's loud or annoying, but that's only when she's in front of other people, and feeling insecure, if you really knew her, you'd know how fun she can be. She's very family orientated. She generally doesn't care what people think about her, so sometimes she can be portrayed as a bitch, but really isn't everyone a little bitchy sometimes?
'Oh my gosh sinead's so loud..'
'no, you don't know her man, she's actually really cool.'
by homie g totally dude man October 31, 2011
Verry good looking. The coolest kid around . Pretty rad and awesome. Such a cool kid, yeap :D<3
Guy:'whose that?'
Bob:'that's sinead'
Guy:'woah,she's sexy as hell yo.'
Bob:'fo sho'
Guy:'I'd tap that'
Bob:'dude everyone would'
by flabblalabbla:P August 18, 2011
a sexy blonde who is soon to be famous, doesnt mind a bit of cock now and again
i wish i could be like sinead!
by thebitch123 November 08, 2010
(v) To fart in the presence of others and then awkwardly leave.
"Did you hear her Sinead yesterday during the meeting?"

"Yeah it was disgusting."
by The Lesser of Two April 14, 2010