had plastic surgary and is relayed to tupper wear
put a piece of cher in the microwave and it will not burn
by Anonymous October 15, 2003
This girl is the definition of real! She radiates love and peace, never ever betrays a friend and most of all never has she turned her back on me. She also expects that to be reciprocated and why should she not? So many envy her, yet she is so unaware of her beauty. She truly loves her circle of friends and family unconditionally and views their circumstances without judgement or criticism. Her countenance is a pleasure to be around. She is a wonderful mother, nurturing and loving. Sacrificing her own desires for her children. I love talking to her about our children and being able to share our experiences in motherhood. Most of all, I thank the Lord, that she is my sister in Christ!!
She is fun loving, funny without trying and a joy to have as my dear friend! She is a blessing to my family and we love her always!!
Cher, effortless in her attractiveness, wonderful mother, wife, sister, and friend.
by Prolific1 June 13, 2012
A fossil that people over 30 are strangely attracted to.
Oh death, why so unfair, to take away sunny, and still leave us Cher.
by Zach G. October 30, 2003
Short for Cheryl, but without the puking sound of "UHHHL" at the end.
Meaning: The most awesome person in the entire world. Definetly a force to be reckoned with.
Similar words are: C-Rock, Crock, Princess Groupie Cunt and Crotch.
You are so fucking Cher!
by Cher, of course. May 05, 2004
A folk singer who entertaines many soldiers in WW1 and WW2. Married Sonny and then split up. Has a wide range of noses and chins.
What type of nose would you like? the big one, small one or the forever chancing cher one?
by timmy o'toole August 29, 2003
The Plastic Surgery Queen
Her face...
by truly yours April 06, 2004
A scary lesbain man waowww!
Omg wanna hear my Cher impression?!?!?!..
If I could turn back TIAUMM!!
by abercombiboi January 29, 2005

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