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The Most amazing soccer player ever!! See the pictures.
Didier Drogba effin owns Ronaldinho
by frr September 30, 2006
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the worlds greatest footballer. ever.
Hey, did you see Didier Drogba last night? He's the best footballer ever!!!! And that Will Geffen is a cunt.
by Drogba October 03, 2008
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A football (soccer) player from the Ivory Coast. Plays for Chelsea after he was bought from Marseille.

Drogba is a diving cheat. Besides being 6 foot 2 and a little over 200 pounds, Drogba can be found flopping all over the pitch in a "theatrical performance" (Quote by Rafael Benitez).

On Sunday April 27th, 2008 Drogba collided with Manchester United's Nemanja Vidic. Drogba's knee collided with Vidic's head, leaving Vidic bloodied and knocked out. Even though it was his knee, Drogba started to dive before realizing Vidic was knocked out.

Drogba should be banned for being anti-football. He brings shame to the beatiful game.

Did you watch Chelsea yesterday?

Yeah it's embarrassing, besides having an owner who thinks he can buy his way into having a prestigious club, they have Didier Drogba who flops all over the pitch.

Yeah Didier Drogba is the face of anti-football. Abramovich is a sleazy guy too. Hey what's up with their goalie? Is he the 6 million dollar man?
by stevie carragher May 01, 2008
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