a guy who constantly uses cheesy pickup lines like "your eyes dazzle like the stars" or "there's nothing wrong with you you're the best thing in my world you're perfect"
Simon was totally being a cheeseball to AMAYA while he was texting her
by Cheeseball <3 AMAYA😂 February 27, 2015
A person that's fake or corny, not exactly edible.
Dude.. you is such a cheeseball.
by ninja August 16, 2003
A person of which you dislike. Sometimes used to replace the word bitch
Laeticia is such a cheeseball.
by Cas+Dean Forever<3 March 31, 2015
A person who takes extra bases in a softball game when his team is ahead by a large number of runs.
This typically occurs when the player legs out an infield single and becomes angry because the other team's poor-throwing defenders throw balls that nearly hit the cheeseball in the head.
Pitcher (after cheeseball in question is tagged out after trying to take another extra base): It's 14-2, Cheeseball!

Cheeseball: (muttered profanity).
by mrbesbol October 11, 2011
ugly fat people wearing sunglasses
"There was an ugly fat person wearing sunglasses"
by Bob by day Donkey by night March 27, 2003
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