combination of cocaine and cheese
I was up all night doing cheeseballs. That's cocaine and cheese.
by Jimmy K April 13, 2005
A large ball of "cheese" that you eat or suck on.
I ate your cheeseball.
by Pepsione44 April 20, 2006
a really cool person, or my nickname.
hey cheeseball, hows it going.
by cheeseball December 13, 2004
An often audible discharge of intestinal gas, A Fart(Slang)
That's one of the nastiest cheeseballs I've ever smelled
by teabagger2 October 04, 2004
when you squirt cheese on a guys cock and lick it off.
I cheese balled a guy last night.
by we love guys 13 May 31, 2009
A used car salesman with oil dripping down on his forehead. he may also be constantly scratching his dick and he thinks it's cool.
look at that Cheese ball! He is trying to jew everybody.
by Surferdude26 October 20, 2008
A cheese ball is a replacement testicle made from cheese.
After the alligator hunting accident took his nut, Dwayne had a cheese ball made.

Unfortunately, the cheesy smell made him very popular with local dogs.
by scodder May 13, 2010

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