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an injected concoction consisting primarily of cocaine and cheese and sometimes baby formula to cut.
...back then we were doing way too many cheeseballs

-the d
by joesgarbage January 05, 2004
An activity performed by a male in a public place or gathering, usually a party, where a portion of the scrotum with one or more testicle or ball is fully exposed while the rest of the cockandballs is obscured. frequently this display will continue as the ball-walker mingles hither and thither dodging the occasional outbreak of shock, dismay, awe and eventually laughter creating a sort of sociological wave affect through the gathering.
"...So I was at this party with Tony (Millionaire) in L.A. and i started doing the ball-walk. one person across the room would notice and point excitedly and i'd duck behind some people and go somewhere else until someone else reacted..."
by joesgarbage January 05, 2004
an epidermal display or offering from a male of good breeding. sometimes referred to as the basket of fruit or cockandballs this phallic and scrotal presentation is guaranteed to elicit a strong response from the intended recipient. not recommended for public wooing.
So Rick whipped out the ball bouquet and said, "My nuts are on your shoulder", and Matt in a stage of fervid denial pleaded, "No they're not..."
by joesgarbage January 05, 2004

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