A person who uses cheezy phrases.
These phrases are often followed by the cheezeball's uncontrollable laughter at their own jokes, so the people who hear the joke start to laugh too - just because it's so cheezy. Used in a cute but condescending way.

Typical cheezeballs: Parents, Teachers, Dorky friends
Typical cheezeball phrases:
Parent talking to daughter: "Honey, if you like Fall Out Boy, you must be a Fall Out Girl!" *uncontrollable laughter*
Teacher talking to students: "To get a line perpendicular to this one, what do you have to do to the slope? Do what Missy Elliot does! Flip it and reverse it!" *uncontrollable laughter*
Dorky friend talking to other friend: "Man, that guy's hot like... like... like an oven!" *laughter and slight awkwardness*
My friend is such a cheeseball. If only he'd get some quality jokes.
by thornrozes January 29, 2006
In Madden for game consoles, a non-simulation gamestyle that takes advantages of weaknesses in the game engine instead of winning the way a real team would (ie, running the same play over and over, going for it on 4th and 20 in the 1st quarter, running a goal line offense on 2nd and 20 on your own 30, etc.)
I won't play against opponents who would rather play cheeseball than football.
by Icelandair January 12, 2008
An expletive, expression of shock or dismay. Most often used to replace gosh.
Cheeseballs! That car almost totally sideswiped me!

Cheeseballs, guys, why do I always have to be the responsible one?

Aw, cheeseballs.
by samuels May 22, 2005
an injected concoction consisting primarily of cocaine and cheese and sometimes baby formula to cut.
...back then we were doing way too many cheeseballs

-the d
by joesgarbage January 05, 2004
A guy who says ridiculously stupid things in an attempt to get laid, thus ruining his chances.
Cheeseball: You're more beautiful than Angelina Jolie.

Female Respondent: Dude, I'm fifty fucking four years old, and I've actually seen a mirror in the current millennium. Anyway, even when I was her age that would have been an absurd statement.

Cheeseball: Oh, how could you insult me by implying I'm not telling the truth?

FR: OK, cheeseball, that's it. Get the fuck out.
by romanesco September 06, 2010
A ball of cheese.
Man, cheeseballs are freakin' awesome!
by Zach G. October 27, 2003
A person acting totally retarded, goofy, silly, or other wise stupid.
Those kids are acting like cheeseballs!

You're such a freakin' cheeseball man!
by DNC123 February 03, 2010

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