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1 definition by thornrozes

A person who uses cheezy phrases.
These phrases are often followed by the cheezeball's uncontrollable laughter at their own jokes, so the people who hear the joke start to laugh too - just because it's so cheezy. Used in a cute but condescending way.

Typical cheezeballs: Parents, Teachers, Dorky friends
Typical cheezeball phrases:
Parent talking to daughter: "Honey, if you like Fall Out Boy, you must be a Fall Out Girl!" *uncontrollable laughter*
Teacher talking to students: "To get a line perpendicular to this one, what do you have to do to the slope? Do what Missy Elliot does! Flip it and reverse it!" *uncontrollable laughter*
Dorky friend talking to other friend: "Man, that guy's hot like... like... like an oven!" *laughter and slight awkwardness*
My friend is such a cheeseball. If only he'd get some quality jokes.
by thornrozes January 29, 2006