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smoking oxy cotton
person 1:u wanna chase after school?
by Ivan Pizza December 15, 2009
12 40
To try to go out with or pursue a younger girl such as a freshman or younger.
"How many freshman have you chased today?"
"Are you going to chase more?"
"Me and you should go chasing!"
by espio981 September 13, 2008
27 55
In poker, to continue playing a hand that will not win as-is, but needs one or two specific cards to make it a winner. Odds are that you will not catch the card you need and loose betting respect at the table.
I had three hearts, so I chased the flush to the river and missed.

I call your all-in, you chaser.
by Coell November 10, 2005
62 109
a skinny little gay boy that trys to act rough, but just comes off as a queer.
often seen wearing a dress.
He's such a chase, i saw him wearing a tutu yesterday.
by papasharkssss March 26, 2010
11 59
the most UNCOOL fucker ever. this chase is a self absorbed asshole who spots the girl... and gets in her pants...
vnefjvnejcmcjdemdjexmryxn Chase vfjcmxnjrehfvrhvmbp
by tiggertummy11 April 28, 2009
22 82
I love Nate Dawg and Shady because they are hawt. Wears flambouyant neon pink shirts to school and gay pride buttons.
Chase lives with nate.
by sirhycihod February 12, 2007
8 83
gay gay gay gay gay gay gay
wow you are chase dude!
by Stefanieeeee December 03, 2007
30 109