The word is CHARVA and they're from NEWCASTLE (and/or anywhere around the North East of England). The word ISN'T CHAV and they did not originate in The Sun or in Essex. Chavs have only just became publisised. Charvas have exisited in Newcastle for YEARS. (Especially in metro stops past North Shields)
Burberry, LeCoste, Henri Llyod, Tabs, Cigarettes, Sovereign Rings...the works.
by Mikay February 18, 2005
scum of the north east. typically sporting the latest "trakkie B's" , Rockport boots and Berghaus jacket. Males usually wear fake burberry baseball cap at 45 degree angle, females prefer to sport the charva fringe acheived by curling the fringe around a coke can and laquering with half a can of hair spray. Charvas can often be found in most places, particular street corners and parks drinking their "tinnies" and bellabrusco or any cheap drink ending in brusco. Both sexes prefer to drape themselves in cheap jewellery and can often be seen smoking their favourite tabs lambert and butlers whilst shouting "way aye yee mug" or "you daft c*nt"
"gaan in the shop for us like" "get us a bottle a bella nd 10 lambies" "eeh cushdy" "oi oi"
by DJ MILLA December 10, 2003
They Like the monkey and laugh gAY. Stripey jumpers too and fuckin rockports and bobby burberry!!
They have buckets and drink hairy.(Cider to normal people.)
They Say:-

*Get ya Rat oot!"
*Do Your Rip!"
*Ya Raji!!"
*Buzz'in on a E"
*Oi Oi"
*Giddy Hurp!"
*Ya daaaftey"
*Hoo man!"
*Lend a Snout"
*Lend iz 10 pence"
by Bobby Burberry November 05, 2003
These objects of vermin should be removed from society! They do not wash, ever! they wear tracksuit bottoms with shoes (rockies). sweater shop jumpers, wen its boiling and berghaus skiing jackets (wots all that about)!! sovreign rings(at least 6 each hand, more gold than BA sum of them, every other wprd is fcuk! i hate them with a one of the bitches stabbed my mate in the bak, 2 wks ago just missin his spine...pack of bastards, the lot of them!
'u lookin at my lass! y daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaft cunt, al knok y oot!'

'd ye na who i am?? ..... er no! but am sure ya gonna tell me! nob head.
by charva-hater October 22, 2003
I generally see charvas strutting round in newcastle wearing: tog 24 jackets, gold loop earrings about the size of a hula hoop, rock ports, and dreadful "gold" chain necklaces of clowns and the like.
"Wot ya think ya's deein?! gannin roond eeaa, a'll ****in' marr ya!" and "ha ya goth the time?!" and throwing in either "ee", "how", "like" or "man" at the end of each sentence.
by me... March 06, 2004
British slang for fuck
your a charver

*stubs toe* CHARVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by the dude of awesomeness November 15, 2010
A song on Frank Zappa's Mystery Disc.

Charva has left him, and he wants her back. He swears that he truly loved her, and continues to do so. You get the feeling she isn't going to go back to him, though.
Selected lyrics:

"I loved you since in grammar school
When we were sniffing glue..."

"Charva, my darling,
The only love I had,
I hope you will forgive me dear,
For punching out your dad..."

"Charva, oh, Charva,
I love you more and more,
I swear it ain't because your father
owns a liquor store..."
by pandammonium December 06, 2006

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