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39 definitions by ellie

A woman with an extremely large sized glutious maximus.
Did you see Anna? Damn that girl has a ghetto booty!
by Ellie November 14, 2002
1387 851
A band created by Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello sending lyrics and rhythms back and forth through mail. Has the most crazy amazing lyrics ever created. Not to be confused with the US Postal Service.
Don't you adore the Postal Service?
by Ellie April 17, 2004
204 19
Acting extremely jittery & hyper, unable to stop oneself from such behavior.
I am sooo wired this morning. Someone made the mistake of giving me caffiene last night, so I never went to sleep!!!
by Ellie December 29, 2003
271 92
Oral stimulation to the clitoris or any other vaginal area.
Jeff was good at performing cunnilingus.
by Ellie November 14, 2002
317 174
An insult.
Bob, you are such a cock sucker sometimes.
by Ellie November 14, 2002
351 238
Septic is rhyming slang for american.

Septic is short for septic tank, which rhymes with yank....

So If you say you are anti septic, it means you are anti american!
My mate barry is an anti septic!
by Ellie November 30, 2003
161 85
A prep...someone who is classy and classic, not too showy or they would not be a prep, generally from the new england area, but can also be from the south, usually from a private "prep" school like Woodberry Forest or Baylor or Harpeth Hall, girls dress incudes polos, khakis, cardigans, floral dresses, cable knit sweaters, from places like polo, lilly, jcrew, and ck bradley, they carry tote bags with their monograms from llbean , wear pearls and silver monogram jewelry, wear ribbon belts from eliza b, and do not dress slutty in any way, boys wear polos, khakis, madras print shorts from banana, polo, jcrew, and nantucket reds, jackets from the north face, flip flops from rainbows, scruffed up baseball caps, the color code for both includes bright colors like pink, green, purple, and yellow, they are generally smart and nice and from a good, well-established family, they get into selective, private colleges, they sail, play tennis, golf, and swimming, as well as lacrosse and field hockey and sometimes soccer
Hey Muffy, I just bought a new lilly to wear to the club this Sunday!
by Ellie April 15, 2005
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