1. a japanese honorific
2. a common term used by white girls that have become overly obsessed with asian culture so that they have attempted to learn japanese and have inspired white guys to tattoo chinese characters on themselves and thus have invited all their other white friends to join this cult of fake asianness while calling each other by chan after their name
get a life.

also see: what annoys real asians
karen: oooh..I'm so white..
ashley: yeah me too!!...and your shirt is so kawaii karen-chan!!
by a real asian person November 12, 2005
Affectionate and personal Japanese suffix, attached to a shortened version of one's personal name. In Japan, one never does this to anyone above them, only those lower or equal.
My name is Mineko, but Okasan(Mother) calls me Mine-chan.
by Mimosa 'Mineko Iwasaki' January 14, 2007
A really sexy Asian Boy who breaks the sterio type of asians having small dicks. Is always nice to his girlfriend even tho he has a hard time expressing his feelings for her.
OMFG Chan has a Huge Dick! Im so glad hes my Boyfriend.
by Jocee April 22, 2011
Mexican slang form Juarez City for house
Gabriel: ¡Vato vamos a mi chan! / Dude let's go to my place!
by IsaacHendery November 14, 2013
Extreme followers of rapper Chamillionaire. Usually hang around hip hop sites waiting for someone to say something that they don't agree with about their "messiah" Some are known to move at "ghandi speed"
Chans: Chamillionaire is the best rapper alive.
Normal Person: Uh no, he hasn't had any success since "Ridin'"
Chans: No. He just dropped a new song and Venom is coming soon.
Normal Person: Shut the fuck up chan, just like Detox is coming soon.
by Rangeshooter February 27, 2009
a beautiful down too earth unique girl
looks after her friends, has a bad
ass attitude that attracts the boys!
"blimey lads look at her, shes a chan"
by staciebbzxx April 13, 2009
A cool cambodian girl.
She is a chans.
by Chans March 19, 2004
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