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Sound effect used to creat a sense of surprise. Onomatopyic word.
Jay:Tomarrow ill bring you the papers, the folder, and your momma in my balls.
-Sound effect: ¡¡¡¡¡¡CHAN!!!!!
Tom: Im gonna kill ya asshole
by Martin Chammah August 25, 2006
Derogatory term for people who are sensitive tomatos, pathetic, animu-loving or just downright queermos.
Ashley turned into such a whiny chan.

So a bunch of chans hacked my livejournal to post naked photoshops of David Hasselhoff.
by Brianor October 16, 2006
An asian that is totally hot but can be a real ass clown.
brittany: DAMNNNNN look at that guy!
nancy: Yeah, damn fine... but a total chan.
brittany: what a waste.
by nbb October 25, 2006
noun or verb. to be spontaneous, to be groovy, an awesome being,
That movie was channing awesome!! That chan dance u just did was amazing!
by sakaime September 28, 2005