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It's a brazilian Portuguese word for "buttocks", but also used to refer to "ass" "butt" "bum"...
Dê uma olhada na bunda dela! É super sexy!
Take a look at her butts.. it's pretty sexy!
by Natan November 10, 2004
is Brazilian Portuguese for Ass, Butt, Derriere, etc
i gusta sexo you bunda
by sayonaura April 21, 2004
a hand-made woolen suit that can be a variety of colors, traditionally worn by Norwegian grooms. it consists of a white silk shirt, short pants and stockings that come up to the calf, a vest and topcoat. not to be confused with bunda, the Portuguese word for buttocks.
The groom wore his bundas to celebrate his Norwegian heritage.
by Captain 2 U! September 23, 2009
The act of fucking...a nice sly way to talk about sex.

As far as I'm aware originated in the Northern Territory of Australia, bitches.
Q: any bundas last night or what?

A: Yeah brus, biggest mob bundas...slayed that shit


I better get bundas tonight!!


Guy: Keen for some bundas?
Girl: What's bundas?
Guy: Come to my room and I'll show you...
by Nuff_Bundas May 18, 2011
The process of making bowel movements then proceeding to masturbate during.
I want to spank my monkey but i have to crap badly. I'll just hit 2 birds with one stone. I'll take a bunda.
by Dominic_13 February 25, 2011
Ass-raping, especially by an entire tribe against a stump.
"Death or bunda?" asked the tribesman to the helpless missionary.
by A friendly advisor August 22, 2005
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