An amazing soccer player that is beautiful and everyone loves! She always has friends and is always busy
Hey Celina is hot!
by Soccer all day October 13, 2013
A Celina is usually short, with dark hair. She is good at seducing men, a real femme fatale. Be careful when you come in contact. She is good with words and can persuade you to doing almost anything. Her love is so strong and she lets it show. When she's happy, the whole world will know. Consider yourself lucky if she settles down with you. Make sure you entertain her and make her happy because she could leave at any minute. Girls usually hate her because Celina catches everyone's eye. Girls envy her and boys love her
Boy: celina fucked with my head. She lead me on. I think I'm in love man
Friend: she got you too?!

Girl: why is she here? Now who is gonna wanna look at us or even talk to us?
Other friend: there went my self esteem
by stephney June 21, 2014
A beautiful girl who is petite, with brown or blondish hair and green or blue eyes. Is sweet but can be annoying and a big complainer. She has quite a temper when she doesn't get her way but on her good days can be very enjoyable. A great friend and sister.
Celina comes from the greek word Moon.
Person 1 "What's up?"
Person 2: "Celina complained about her hair again!"
Person1: "What did you say?"
Person2: "I always tell her she looks beautiful no matter what!"
by Katrina_Star May 23, 2009
Celina is a small town in midwest Ohio. This town may be one of the worst ever. It contains a lake that paralyzis people; a school system that even the teachers hate; weather that can't ever go right; and construction that can somehow mess everything up.
I went to Celina the other day and decided that I'd be better off in the small city of Coldwater, which is right next to it!
by Spit.Fire February 22, 2011
One of the biggest losers youll ever meet. She has HUGE boobs and loves black males. She sleeps with everything that walks and is basically retarded... Noone likes Celina, even her parents dont. OH and usually have good looking siblings.
"Yo that girl is a celina... what a bitch"
by ziggy153 December 02, 2012
Someone who has no life, makes fun of freshman to boost her self esteem, usually has very few friends, so basically a CelinA SUCKS.
person 1-that person really sucks
person 2-her names celina
person 1-that makes sense
by alex123421 November 18, 2010
Celina is usually an irish female. Commonly found in teeny bopper niteclubs while over the age of 25. frequently uses random 1 liners at inappropriate times, eg. 'o my god he was like 13'
Tom: did ya see that 1 in the niteclub last nite
Bob: Yea, she was such a celina
by taloola May 08, 2008

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