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Selina is the most incredible girl you will ever be lucky enough to meet. Kind, generous, incredibly intelligent, absolutely stunning (even though she says she isn't), and the perfect girlfriend.
Her smile could light up any room she happens to be in, and when you've touched her heart, she would do absolutely anything to make you happy.
If you're ever lucky enough to get a girl like Selina, never ever let her go, and treat her well, because she will be the best thing that could ever happen to you.
One day, she will make an amazing mother, and a brilliant wife. For an alternative definition, see 'perfection'. <3
"I think I've fallen in love with Selina"
by asdfhadfhalsd April 29, 2010
Slang word used to replace the 'you' in 'I love you'. Also can mean the whole sentence, or 'I love you too' if used alone.
I love Selina
amazing, cool, awe-inspiring. used to replace the word awesome.
Holy crap, this band is so selina!

That guy wishes he was as selina as me.
by iamsodayumcool November 16, 2006
the most amazing girl you will ever find. she is beautiful, smart, kind, generous, and definitely witty. she is great to talk to and has a great personality, super hot, and has a stylish taste.

sometimes, on the outside, she can seem a bit harsh and quite frank, but inside, she's an incredible girl who's willing to do anything for you.

she's a sexy dancer, a flirt with the guys, and the most fantastic girl a guy could ever find.

alternative definition: 'amazing' and 'wow'
Boy 1: Wow, look at that sexy girl. She is so Selina.

Boy 2: Dude, that's because she is Selina.

Boy 1: Wow
Boy 2: I wish she could be my girlfriend.. <3
by fire angel December 23, 2010
the nicest and best person you will ever meet period.
I don't need anything else but a Selina.
by jpforbes June 20, 2011
selina is one of the most amazing people you will meet in your life. she is very pretty and talented, but will always deny it. she is also hilarious, and not afraid to share her honest opinion.
selina's are not usually good at music, but when a selina is goo d at music, she will amaze you with her talents. musical selina's will usually play violin, piano, guitar and sing.
all selinas are very quick learners, and strive to achieve the best that they can. selina's are good at maths and science.

if you ever meet a selina in your life, keep her near, because one day she will be very well known.
That girl is so talented..
That girl is so Selina
by bigchinos3455 February 06, 2012
An amazing chica. She is thoughtful and loving. There is no specific way to describe a person like her. When running on little sleep, Selina is very obnoxious and hysterical. When put into stressful situations, she is very calm and composed on the outer shell and is a crazy wreck on the inside. Selina is the person to go to for advice or just to be consoled when things are bad. She knows how to bring a smile to your face. If one becomes friends with her she treats them as if they are her sister/brother. She is always there when one needs her and she is more than they can ask for more...

I am the luckiest person in the world to be her friend and couldn't ask for anyone else.
Selina is my best friend :)

Hey did you know selina is da best? well she is :)

Selina made me laugh so hard!
by bowlingpunkie95 December 30, 2011

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