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to piss someone off.
when someone pisses you off: "don't urk me boy!"
by fugee March 13, 2008
to annoy or bother someone deeply.
Gurl numba 1: grrrrrrr i don't like ha
Gurl numba 2: why not? she's nice....
Gurl numba 1: she just urks me..something about her just annoys me
Gurl numba 2: ok
by craziichikka February 14, 2010
The sound made by an individual when they hear something but cannot quite believe it to be true, due to its shocking nature. It is a designed to sound "what?" but also shocked like "ahhh!"
Brownie - I just received a very deep papercut to the tip of my penis
Matt - URK?!?!?!
by Browners07 February 26, 2005
means to irritate someone. I love to believe that it's derived from Steve Urkel.
God, that Urkel boy urks me so bad I wanna scratch his glasses out.
by dilek April 06, 2010
My cat urked on my laptop's keyboard, and now it's not working. (true story)
by Reesa3232 May 08, 2015
To irritate; to annoy. A (perhaps intentional) misspelling of irk.
Your lack of faith urks me, yo.
by Wiz Zumwalt March 20, 2016
the sound one makes when surprised while drinking a
large cup of coffee- and as a result, having the
coffee go up one's nose.
by FJ September 16, 2003

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