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Fisting with an open palm, fingers curled in and upwards to resemble the prongs at the top of a rook chess piece.
My ass is a little sore from all the castling last night, but Trevor likes it!
by JoJoMonMon May 15, 2011
Its so raunchy outrageous and unbelievable its not even appropriate for this site, sorry kids.
we went castling the other day
by emilys a slut -B&P February 20, 2007
The art of taping the king chess piece to your penis and ramming the female of your choice with it.
"Oh Domino! CASTLE MY ASS!"

"Dude, I met this bitch the other night and lets just say that the castling lasted well over 4 hours. I think I have cancer now"

"It smells good but it tastes so bad."
by jamesisdead September 13, 2007

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