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The sexual artform know as The Obliterator is quite possibly the most destructive act in sex today. It requires insertion of a fully erect penis into a anus and insertion of both testicles into the vagina, one at a time.

Then you begin to rock back and forth in a violent manner, preferebly while flailing your arms wildly and screaming at the top of your lungs.
"Hey Susan, it's me, Jonathan. I was hoping you would let me come over and obliterate the fuck out of you. Cool? See you at karaoke tuesday."

"Hello, my name is Erica and I was recently a victim of The Obliterator from 3 differet men in one night. I've had abortions and I can no longer walk. God, it was great."
by jamesisdead September 13, 2007
the art of bashing the back of a chicks head in when shes going down on you. preferebly until she passes out. then you finish.
"dude, tiffany came over last night and started to give me head when i got an uncontrollable urge to bash her skull in. so i did, and she hasnt woken up yet. i think shes dead."

"i got myself into some hammerheading action the other day and now i can't read anymore."
by jamesisdead September 13, 2007
The art of taping the king chess piece to your penis and ramming the female of your choice with it.
"Oh Domino! CASTLE MY ASS!"

"Dude, I met this bitch the other night and lets just say that the castling lasted well over 4 hours. I think I have cancer now"

"It smells good but it tastes so bad."
by jamesisdead September 13, 2007
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