1. The anti-mom.
2. A woman who was once a mother/step-mother, but murdered her child(ren), thus leaving herself childless.
3. A woman who has no offspring to call her "Mom", "Mother", "Mommy", etc.

Casey Anthony, author of "How to Drown Your Toddler For Fun, Fame and Profit", and "She's Not Spoiled; All Kids Smell That Way",
1. *Future caller on the Nancy Grace Show*-

NG: "Go ahead caller- what's your question or comment, dear?"

Caller: "Shouldn't Casey Anthony be called the 'Not-Mom', rather than 'Tot-Mom'?"

NG: "You know what, caller, that's a very good point- she doesn't have a child any longer, and thank God for that, and you're right- she SHOULDN'T be called 'Mom'."

*In the "special duct tape" section of Target*
A small child screams out "MOM!!", but Casey Anthony doesn't respond; instead, she makes her way over to the laundry and trash bags area.
by Inna Sunfire Trunk July 19, 2011
To have your father and brother rape you as a child and try to use that as justification when your daughter or son winds up murdered
There are lots of people that were molested as children that don't kill their children, and the ones that kill kill the people that molested them. If their children wind up dead, they usually don't Casey Anthony the fact that the children wound up dead either by their molesters or otherwise.
by chad'srockergrrrll August 26, 2011
A sexy ass Floridian who was accused of killing her daughter. and was found innocent. other wise known ass the other OJ Simpson. Because although the evidence was pretty clear some how the jury had there heads so far up there ass they decided to come to the verdict of her being innocent
Jim:Wow did you see the Casey Anthony trail last nigh?, and the pictures the prosecution put up of her parting, Damn she is one sexy as chick i would fuck the shit outta her.

Bob:Yep, and did you her verdict chick was found innocent because of her kick ass defense lawyer Jose Baez, Wow feels like im watching the OJ case all over again!.
by *RAINBOW PIE* July 06, 2011

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