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The act of committing a post birth termination of your infant or small child. The act is best performed by enticing the child into trying out your new chloroform perfume followed by a trunk ride to the park (no car seat needed). Killing the child in a way that can not be determined by advanced medical science and dumping the body in a burlap sack in a wooded area near your home and getting away with it.

Sluts who carry out this type of abortion are nearly always looking at it as a means to get more dick. Without a child the dick to face ratio increases over 91% thus allowing the slut to achieve her ultimate goal of triple penetration.
Amigo 1: I thought that Snookie had a kid.

Amigo 2: Not any more that bitch gave her kid the Casey Anthony Abortion.

Amigo 3: Well, that sounds like a job for the 3 Amigos.
by gbv.3.0 July 06, 2011
A safety precaution taken by men while involved in a devils threesome (2 guys, 1 girl) to prevent anal penetration. The man will tuck his nutsack between his butt cheeks protecting his cornhole from from intentional and inadvertent penis to brown eye contact.
Good thing i had the old butthole airbag on the other night that fag Justin went for my brown eye.
by gbv.3.0 February 10, 2012
A disease that predominantly effects women. Characteristics of the ailment are generally defined by a cross-eyed or wall-eyed alignment of the nipples. IE the nipple on the left breast looks down and to the left while the nipple on the right looks up and to the right. Most common causes of the disease are over lactation and Mexican performed breast augmentations. The disease can also be found in heavier set me who suffer from either “Bitch Tits” or “Manboobs”
She used to have a great rack but her kids sucked those sweater puppies into Orangutan Titties.
by gbv.3.0 December 08, 2011
The string of a tampon that acts as a beacon of nastiness as it hangs from betwixt the lips of strippers like an icicle hangs from a tree. The lipcicle is prevalent in strippers who are fueled on cocaine, crack, meth and other hardcore drugs. It is also common in strippers who were raised in trailer parks or ghettos where personal hygiene is frowned upon.
That nasty ass stripper with the erotic lipcicle asked if i wanted a lap dance. I was like help no last time you did that you ruined my jeans.
by gbv.3.0 December 08, 2011
The act of crouching over someone that is sleeping with your ass cheeks spread and a turtle poking out. Followed by a loud noise causing the sleeper to thrust their face directly into a shit log.
I woke my wife up with an Old Sausage Sunshine this morning and she got a corn kernel stuck between her teeth.
by gbv.3.0 June 15, 2011

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