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An independent nation consisting of the former Canadian province of British Columbia, and the former American states of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Northern California is geographically a part of Cascadia, but is still American territory. Cascadia is a peaceful country that doesn't support America's militarism. Cascadia is also the richest country in the world and is permanently neutral. It's not a member of the UN or any other organization like NATO, NAFTA, etc. Cascadia also doesn't posses the political crap that is prevalent in Canada.
by Linkon Pocatello November 11, 2007
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The Region covering Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Also wanting to become its own country, and seceed from the United States. If so, it will be a nation of tree-hugging liberals.
Let's go to Seattle, Cascadia this weekend to attend the "Save the Pine Needles" rally. Then let's go to Portland, Cascadia to protest, because we are liberals, we have nothing else better to do.
by Rob September 05, 2004
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