A name for a killer llama. He doesn't mean to do it :0! DAMMIT CARL!!
Carl: "I do not kill people...that is my least favorite thing to do."
by Amerijew June 16, 2011
A very ignorant person who tends to stab people approximately 37 times in the chest
Guy 1: I think that guys crazy
Guy2: Yeah, he's such a carl
by The llama November 11, 2012
A wandering mischievous child from the series the walking dead.

He is NEVER in the house.....
Lori: (thinks carl is safe inside the house)
Carl = Never in the house.
by MikeFromLondon October 14, 2012
Phrase shouted at music festivals when looking for someone. Started at Rothbury or now called electric forest. Someone lost Carl and his friends took it way too far when looking for him.
Where's Carl!?

We lost Carl! man!!
by Pandabear319 July 04, 2011
Intelligent. Kinglike. A true gentleman. Loves the ladies. Usually handsome. Rock & roll is in his blood. Can be counted on in a crisis. Competitive, adventurous, and determined. Philosophical. Innovative. Opinionated. Loves excitement and travel.
There are many famous Carl's but they don't get the attention they deserve.
by knowsem February 08, 2010
Also known as "Carl's Ice Cream" or "Carl's Frozen Custard". Is the best ice cream place in downtown Fredericksburg.
James: Hey, who wants to go to Carl's.

Joe: Shotgun!

Nick: Crap

David: Aww, man.
by Nantaku January 05, 2011
fat ass titties. formally FATs or FATTIES but since you can't say the word fat around girls a code name was needed. created during rush by a non-functional member of society who goes by the name of alex.
"check out this girl walking by man"
by Justy May 02, 2007

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