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The facebook chat conversation u have with a friend from 12-5 in the morning on Facebook
omg dude ull never guess who is carking with me
by vaderette April 18, 2011
0 3
A cover-up word for cunt or cock. Used when inappropriate language cannot be used, and is replaced by cark.
"I had sex with your girlfriend!"

"Your such a cark!"

by amyaniamaddy March 23, 2009
31 4
To hit something or someone bluntly, especially in the head. It's derived from the sound made when a blunt object hits someone in the head.
Don't steal my chips or I'll cark you with my chemistry book.
by Rodney Skinner July 26, 2011
7 3
The male genitalia. The penis.
Man I have a big cark.
by Dr. Aktar March 01, 2009
9 5
An animal that was found in the Black Sea. A mixture of a crab and a shark.
The Cark was crawling in the ocean depths.
by Dael Emerson January 31, 2010
4 2
1) a slang word meaning breasts or tits.
Look at the carks on that girl!
by angellus00 July 05, 2010
2 1
The unofficial abbreviation for Caramilk. For fun, it can also be abbreviated C.A.R.K.U.S. for Caramilk United States.
It would be sick to eat a Carkus, but a C.A.R.K.U.S is great!
by Trav1085 November 02, 2006
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