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Fantatically evil woman from Home and Away in the 1990's.
That woman is great she is almost a Morag
by Sixfootmouse February 23, 2007
113 62
Someone that is sweeter than honey pie, cuter than a sprinkle of kittens yet possessing an evil sense of humour. Morags are incredibly charming but not to be messed with. Mess with a Morag and you will be Burnt. Typically Morags are Scottish and very milky, with slightly bossy tendencies.
Everybody loves to hang out with a Morag. Morags are amazing to be around but hard to get. Morags only associate with the best sort of people. Morags are RARE
Wow, that girl is so sweet and funny but she don't take no shit from no one. She's almost like some kind of Morag!

Purrrrrrmiaaaaoooow - (this is what kittens say when they see a Morag)
by magic boomer April 22, 2011
97 101
a person who lacks tact and/or social skills

a piece of cloth used to clean up after a hot carl is given
That morag sure is one ugly shit.
by whome? March 06, 2004
104 110