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A secret language whereby names are reversed and added after the two words "YAG SI...". If your name was Dave, you would say "Yag Si Evad". It is commonly regarded as a complimentary reference to a friend/relative/colleage who is not in the room at the time.
"Yag Si Enyaw", "Yag Si Omod", "Yag Si T Ynnad" "Yag Si Evad", "Yag Si Nhoj"
by cinimod February 15, 2004
a derivative of the word 'Rod', using the specific meaning of a fool, degenerate, or an asshole.

Specificially referring to the clean up operation that follows after self maintained ejaculation.
"That Forrester boy, what a rodwipe!"
by cinimod July 14, 2006
(n) A person who follows/worships the teachings & gospel of Damir Bojanic
"This place is full of Damiricans, ace!"
by cinimod February 15, 2004
(n) a 'Lady' who one would describe as neither attractive nor ugly, but you probably still would, regardless of eg. Large Teeth or bizarre eyes.
"Shes a bit boggy marsh isnt she? But you still would..."
by cinimod February 15, 2004
derogatory use of the male sex gland.

most commonly phrased by Dodgi Andi circa. 2005

"Morag, that old dog used to love the cark..."
by cinimod July 14, 2006

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