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A cover-up word for cunt or cock. Used when inappropriate language cannot be used, and is replaced by cark.
"I had sex with your girlfriend!"

"Your such a cark!"

by amyaniamaddy March 23, 2009
To hit something or someone bluntly, especially in the head. It's derived from the sound made when a blunt object hits someone in the head.
Don't steal my chips or I'll cark you with my chemistry book.
by Rodney Skinner July 26, 2011
An animal that was found in the Black Sea. A mixture of a crab and a shark.
The Cark was crawling in the ocean depths.
by Dael Emerson January 31, 2010
The male genitalia. The penis.
Man I have a big cark.
by Dr. Aktar March 01, 2009
The unofficial abbreviation for Caramilk. For fun, it can also be abbreviated C.A.R.K.U.S. for Caramilk United States.
It would be sick to eat a Carkus, but a C.A.R.K.U.S is great!
by Trav1085 November 02, 2006
Cock or shlong, the male reproductive organ.
That hit my cark, Thou ruttish hasty-witted baggage, wtf ya do that for?
by J-rod December 19, 2004
The facebook chat conversation u have with a friend from 12-5 in the morning on Facebook
omg dude ull never guess who is carking with me
by vaderette April 18, 2011
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