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A fake orgasm for a male. Usually the result of having sex with somebody else, and then coming home to your spouse and pretending you were somewhere else. Lots of foreplay, and then absolute minimal hardness and fucking. Cannot be detected with a condom, and must be overembellished if raw doggin it. Perfected by Cardi in his Columbus abode.
I smashed loins with Stacy, and then stopped by and messed around with Katrina. By the time I made it home to my old lady my schlong was toast. I had to pull one hell of a Cardi so I wouldn't blow my cover.
by Corinne Deloraso November 23, 2007
6 15
Abbreviation of the word cardigan. Often used in popular culture. Usually used for men's cardigans.
"Its a bit chilly, I'm just going to pop on my cardigan"
by Mr Luva May 31, 2009
17 4
nickname for designer glasses Cartier.
man i got on my black and gold cardi glasses
by De'Auna Watts July 05, 2006
21 9