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English phonetic spelling of Sicilian-American way to say "understand" (in the second person singular). Common in Mob movies. Typically used at the end of the sentence in these movies to verify the listener understands, especially when making threats. Comes from Italian obviously; it's basically capisci or capisce (depending on the context) with the last letter omitted from the pronunciation.
You better make sure your boss is outside the saloon at high noon, capish?

Do you capish the words coming out of my mouth?!
by The wind from the Northern car April 13, 2011
51 27
Do you understand?, Do I make myself clear?
It's the only thing you can do about it, capish.
by Light Joker March 11, 2006
310 130
do you understand? from Italian 'tu capisci?' (infinitive form: capire > to understand)
I can't come and see you tonight, capish?
by Maurizio June 29, 2007
333 163
Confirms whether or not the previous question has been understood. Not to be confused with the Italo-American dialect of capisci also known as Capiche. (Kah-Peesh)
You gotta kill 'em to win, capish?
by Cabcose January 10, 2011
30 28
Italian slang for "Your alternative is death. Do you understand?"
Joey expects his money by Monday. Capish?
by Ivan Parkersonski March 15, 2006
146 184