Japanese video-games company made famous for it's Street Fighting games such as SF2, SF3, SFZero/Alpha etc and it's much acclaimed horror survival game Resident Evil/Bio-Hazard series.

They have also created Dino Crisis and Omnimusha series as well as creating exclusive Resident Evil series for Nintendo's Game Cube: Resident Evil Remake and Resident Evil 0 (Zero).
Capcom are veterans of the video-gaming industry.
by Bruce Lee March 29, 2003
1. NASA jargon for Capsule communications, voice radio link with spacecraft
2. a Japan- based videogame company
1. CAPCOM is go flight
2. Capcom's new game sucks out loud
by Capt. capacitor April 20, 2004
The only good fighting game they ever made since Street Fighter 3 was.......
Nope, can't remember any other Capcom fighting game after that because they SUCKED!!!
by true October 23, 2003
Former fighting game and platformer superpower that as of right now has no purpose.
God damn it, cut the thriller crap and give us Street Fighter 4, Capcom. You're already losing money on your crappy new titles.
by N September 25, 2003
Capcom is also the same company that made the well-known Megaman/Rockman platform shooter series.
Capcom releases, on average, a 2D Street Fighter style fighting game and a Megaman game every fifteen months.
by AYB March 29, 2003
The company that made the awesome MegaMan games. Nowadays, it's going downhill, unfortunately...At least I can still keep myself happy playing RockMan & Forte, MegaMan 1,2,3,7, and X.
Capcom, what happened to the good ol' days?
by Lieutenant Tarpit September 16, 2004
-See also crapcom
"Yo, crapcom made another showing at this years E3. You can tell the devs are searching desperately for a new franchise."
by some guy June 07, 2003

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