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Amusement arcade Front-runner in the time when platform and shooting games, in 2D, were the bread and butter of the games industry. Noted primarily for the very standards of their in-game artwork, titles such as Black Tiger (1987), Strider (1989), Willow (1989) and Midnight Wanderers (1991) set the benchmark of the day for playability, innovation and their oft imitated visual style.

See also: Ghosts'n'Goblins, Ghouls and Ghosts, Side Arms and the mighty Truxton.
Has anybody else noticed that when Capcom were great a mysterious programmer called Blbon was credited as their lead programmer in those titles? You can't find Anything about this person on the Internet. Also, for those video game history freaks out there, like me, he was rumoured to have left Capcom for SNK.
by bad.iron October 07, 2007

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