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a videogame publisher/developer based in Osaka, Japan. Their popular franchises such as: Street Fighter, Megaman, and Resident Evil, are among one of the games that brought innovation and creativity to the fighting, platform and survival-horror genres. In addition, Capcom is the most contributing game developer for many platforms, giving ALL people a chance to play their exclusive title(s) on many game systems. Capcom doesn't have a 'loyalty' pledgementship (like say Squaresoft, Nintendo...etc.), just good affiliations to other companies in the videogame industry.
Capcom makes games for all game systems there are. So that many people has access to their games even if they don't have a specific game console in which the game is exclusive onto.
by anjiro February 29, 2004
a fine piece of Japanese ass who is an actress and part-time spokesmodel for, Levie.

Was born on the 22nd of July, 1978. Has starred in numerous Japanese dramas, variety tv shows, and movies. Also released several collectibles such as calendars and photobooks.
"Damn! That's a really fine piece of J-ass right there... Um...what's her name again? Kyoko Hase..what?"
by anjiro November 18, 2004
co-host of G4techTV's, Fresh Gear, show and is undoubtedly one of the hottest hosts in the entire G4techTV network.

Not only she has image, but she also has a mind that has knowledge in the technicalities of information technology.
"Dude, forget Cameron D. Stephanie Siemiller is all that I need!"

"Stephanie Sei...who?"

"Dude, you don't know? What noob you are living under a rock!"
by anjiro November 06, 2004
A group of Japanese musician who did the opening song for a kick-ass anime, Witch Hunter Robin, and is entitled, Shell.
A: "Hey, do you happen to know the name of the band who sang the opening track of Witch Hunter Robin?"
B: "Yeah, I think they're called, Bana."
A: "Awesome! Thanx, I'll do a search on WinMX"
by anjiro November 17, 2004

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