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to agree with skuzzi, canton is not to be confused with North Canton. Canton is a ghettotastic city that is about 50 miles south of cleveland. 51 weeks out of the year nobody really cares about it and 1 week out of the year (last week in June), a bunch of weird football fanatics come to town and the regular residents try to be on vacation that week.
I went to Canton to pick up my friend, and they were arresting his nieghbors for possesion.
by Paul June 19, 2004
25 38
Verb - To depart - To find a better place to be. Inspired by the late night visits of drunks to dirty and disease ridden fast food chinese restaurants.
Willow said she had a better place to be last week at the party, she turned on her wee heels and did a Canton
by Big Issue July 02, 2004
11 25
the town of canton is pretty much the sickest town south of boston. its got pimps, mad hoes, and franky. cant touch that. kids the shit outa stoughton in hockey and dominates them over all. teh party is ther too. places like agro , highway , lobster, and funhouse. pretty much the sickest town round
canton is the shit and stoughton is a bunch a pussys and cant touch it
by canton mass July 26, 2006
43 60
Canton is approximately 20 miles south of Akron and 60 miles south of Cleveland. Canton is the home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and Marilyn Manson. A stick in the mud city, with a laughable downdown district, eclipsed by even Akron. Not to be mistaken with North Canton, which is a tropical paradise.
I got lost in Canton once, wow was that one big ghetto.
by Skuzzi October 01, 2003
18 45
not to be confused with that dump of a city, canton is also a common irish word used in ireland by the irish. a direct translation would be 'rapist' or in irish terms 'sheep shagger'. there are believed to be cantons in the south east of ireland, but this is only thought to be an urban legend to scare children.
''canton is such a fag!''

''i once saw canton in a field doing unsanitary things to the animals''
by idid June 21, 2006
4 33
quite possibly the most evil place on the planet. a dump who's inhabitants, despite their greasy mullets and blubbery flab deem themselves "rich" for some odd reason, possibly because of all the supersized walmarts, lama farms and strip clubs(seeing as that's all there is in this lovely shit hole), which in their uncultured minds means that they can act like snobby bitches. here, you are one of four people..you are living in the canton ghetto, you are white trash living in a shack,you are a white bitch with money who's dream is to drive your brand new mercedes around the streets of hickville; wow, you've really made it..or you are amish. (and yes, one of the women from amish in the city is working at the canton local mall). to all you cantonites, i know you think that this is heaven on earth but if you ever do leave this state, i would suggest wearing a bullet proof vest to avoid being shot.
i was driving on the canton highway the other day and an amish woman on her horse and buggy totalled my car.
by enlightened December 02, 2004
12 53
City south of Akron. Home to the pro football hall of fame which is gay. The citizens of canton think it is the biggest city in ohio. It has a abundance of abandoned steel mills and railyards.Canton is shitty
I was lost in canton yesterday and asked some hick wher the football hall of fame was and he looked at me stupid because i didn't know
by cantonsucks December 08, 2003
14 55