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A chain of grocery stores found in the Midwest, usually in places like Iowa and Missouri. Hy-Vee conducts business by the slogan of "There is a helpful smile, in every aisle".

The low level employees are often disrespected by customers and treated worse by managers. Hy-Vee is fun for the first week, then you realize that bagging groceries sucks and so does your job/life.
Employee: Hello, I'm Hy-Vee's bitch. Can I help you with anything?

Manager: You aren't smiling helpfully this aisle so fuck you, you're fired!
by Courtesy Clerk July 10, 2008
Hy-Vee is one of the largest grocery stores in the universe.
It's employees are fantastic and it sells superior products and inferoir prices, inferior meaning lower. Hy-Vee is short for "Hy-Vee is a badass store"
Man this Hy-Vee is so cool! I feel like a king whenever I'm within 2 miles of one.
by Thaddeus Badass November 15, 2005
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