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fantasticlly ghetto, a combination of the 2 words, used to describe something that is really rundown.
Mike: those apartments you live in are ghettotastic
Rob: no they arent
Mike: theres a hole in the side of ur building big enough to drive through...
by Big Robert July 27, 2004
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Ghettotastic- word used to describe an item wanting to be "bling" but not quite making it. Often so pathetic, it's fantastic.
"That chicks cross is covered in fake rhinestones! It's Ghettotastic!"


"My graduation tassle has rhinestones on the year, it is so ghettotastic."
by MethanBetney September 23, 2004
If you have used this word more than 5 times in your life, and arent black or a wigger, then you are obviously in denial.
That guy uses ghettotastic alot, he must just be in denial about the fact that he married a lesbian, who then ditched him in favor of his ugly sister...
by Rush8192 October 15, 2005
When someone is so overwhelmingly ghetto it boggles the mind.
Wow. That Lil Kim is ghettotastic.
Adjective-Anything that has duct tape on it, is not working correctly, or is just plain not right.
Your car is only held together by duct tape. That's ghetto-tastic.
by Lupin September 12, 2005
When someit is just so kool man that you just want it bad realtime mother.
Jesus that bling is just well ghettotastic Mr Riley sir.
by BlingBlingCoolDudeMan April 22, 2003

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