Small town south of Boston.
Boring with nothing even remotely interesting to do there.
Basically you can either smoke weed, get drunk, or go somewhere else for entertainment.
Person 1: Dude, I hate living in Canton it's so boring!
Person 2: I know! Let's go get drunk so we have something to do.
by ADTRChick March 06, 2011
Chicano slang for a house in the barrio ese.

Chicano slang para casa o apartamento en el barrio ese.
Ay te wacho en mi canton al rato ese.

Anoche se escucharon puros cuetazos afuera de mi canton ese.

Guarda la merca en tu canton ese.
by elFantasmaEncabronado June 12, 2009
Canton is an extremely small town located in Upstate, NY. As of the 2000 census, there were 5,882 people. Its population triples when the local universities are in session (Saint Lawrence University and the State University of New York at Canton). SUNY Canton is a two/four year college located in the western part of the village. Its entrance is accessible via NY RT 68. SUNY Canton is also home to the David Sullivan/St. Lawrence County Law Enforcement Academy that provides police training to local, county, state and federal agencies as well as new police officers in its 5-month police academy every spring. St. Lawrence University is a four year liberal arts college located in the eastern part of the village. Access to the college is via US RT 11. St. Lawrence University is home to several sports, including its famous NCAA Division I hockey team and several notable alumni. The first attempt at settlement was made in 1800, but the first permanent settlement occurred in 1801. The first post office used the name "New Cairo," but changed to Canton by 1807. The early economy was based on farming and lumbering. Not known for its "Nightlife" most people either go to Potsdam or Canada to find a good time.
Joe: Hey, do you know where Canton is?
Paul: No, but my buddy goes to St. Lawrence
by thatsMYsunycanton April 02, 2009
Canton, Ohio is full of different minorities, but mostly blacks. It is the home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But it's also a really fucked up city, filled with drug dealers and delinquents. Just go into the south west end and it's full of street drug dealers and whores that live in blue houses. This city is crazy! If you wanna get shot go live in the south west end, but if you wanna get jumped go to the north west end.
La'risha: "Where you get yo drugs gurl?"
La-a: "Canton, they got da best drug dealas eva!"
La'risha: "Right I heard bout dat!"
by Baddest Bxtch January 19, 2011
Canton, also as Kanton, is the old English name of Guangzhou. It is the capital city of the Guangdong province in SouthEast China. It is a metropolis with more than 10 million people. It was built more than 2000 years before, while it is still digging its 8th metro line as a modern city. It is also famous for its awesome food. People also critcize on their talent to cook everything, even a snake.
It took me 2 hours' train to Canton from Hong Kong.
by suyb March 16, 2007
Definitely the most kick ass town in South Dakota.

Yeah, South Dakota, where we still ride around in frickin buggies.
I kid. But really this is quite the happenin' town. Chaaa.
No, really. I love living in South Dakota.
If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be Canton, South Dakota where the buffalo roam and ma calls me home.
by Bugboo December 09, 2010
Canton is a city is Ohio, which people claim hicks live there. (Sorry if your definiton of hick is someone who doesnt say 'dude' every other fuckign word and has a I.Q higher than 100.) Canton has the football hall of fame which is sweet. To bad for the stupid fucks who say it sucks, they cannot afford to get into it. The only downside to it is that stupid contractors built many small homes in the area which may make it look dumb. Even I think those houses should be torn down and those fucks should have to move to someplace worse like anywhere in Vermont. It does have it share of african americans which is good but as you can tell people using the word 'ghetto',the are pretty much racist assholes and shun black people. which is wrong. Canton is a great city.
Canton is the best city in America!
by [e.99]Miracle September 04, 2004

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