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to canoodle
man:I seen you canoodling with the mayor
Woman:Do you even know what conoodle mean?
man:why yes I do, "canoodle"-too conoodle!
by codyisagayfagandcaseyiscool July 10, 2008
8 45
To lay in bed and cuddle with a lover
The tall man enjoyed canoodling with petite women.
by Anthony December 02, 2003
440 259
Cuddle; cuddling; being next to someone; holding someone
I love to canoodle with my boyfreind
by Getta February 16, 2008
214 145
V. To snuggle, cuddle, and hug, especially while watching a movie.
Abby and Ian love to canoodle on the couch on a daily basis.
by ToryW. September 05, 2009
98 70
to be touchy feely.


a way to describe couples who are always together but when you can't find one you say they're canoodling with so and so
Wheres Melissa?
Idk probably off somewhere to canoodle with Noah
by PuffinSongsLover(look them up) December 06, 2010
51 35
When two people in a relationship kiss, cuddle, or have physical contact that is not sexual in nature.
It can also be seen as a prelude to foreplay. AKA: Making out, heavy cuddling, ect.
Nyx and Nym canoodled after school in the hall.
by Raintreelover November 01, 2012
23 11
to make out in a canoe.

one of the defining characteristics of being Canadian is one's ability to canoodle without tipping over.
you may be a Canuck if you can canoodle.
by canoodler September 04, 2013
11 1
V. To cuddle/fondle another person.
After crawling into bed, Sarah canoodled Kit as she slept.
by KitLDA February 15, 2012
6 7