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One who deals ecstasy
Jeremy meets with the candyman when he needs to feel happy
by J Money43 February 12, 2008
A man who likes to have fun a lot and entertain others with his body.
You are having a party, so you should invite a candyman
by TimmyTurnover May 25, 2007
1. a male prostitute

2. a child molestor.

" hey i'm gonna go get a candy man for tonight to keep me company."
by codyandmatt February 23, 2009
The product of crushing up Percocet and sprinkling it on a bowl of/in a blunt of marijuana.
Yo you got the weed ?

yea sonn i got the weed, you got the percs ?
Time to smoke some CandyMan and get riiipppeddd!
by InJecKshUn April 06, 2010
A potbellied regular at the Disco 2000 party at Limelight. According to legend, he waited tables at TGIFriday's and used his earnings to buy large quantities of cocaine and ketamine, which he would use to attract young ladies for e-hugs and further fondlings. According to legend, another clubkid, Jessie, got angry with him for breaking off a relationship at a BBQ in front of many mutual friends. Jessie put a curse on Candyman leading to his death.

It is said that anyone who uses ketamine and says his name 3 times in the mirror at the Avalon (new name for limelight) nightclub, will see his ghost rising off the dancefloor at 3 AM, wearing the same old Pacific Sunwear outfit he was notorious for.
According to legend, the ghost of candyman still reigns at Avalon nightclub. Summon him at your own peril.
by nate March 21, 2005
When not dealing drugs, the candy man appears behind his attractive female victims after they say his name three times while looking in a mirror.

Also the worse series of movies ever filmed, with the possible exception of Pumpkin Head and the Craft.
"You lookin fo candy man, you found him bitch" - Dude in bathroom Candyman II
by Jaggerrules July 14, 2004
Slang term used at a greeting or a fairwell, or possibly just a nick-name.
Yo what up Candyman

See ya later Candyman

Daaaaaamn you such a Candyman
by Candyman February 22, 2003