When not dealing drugs, the candy man appears behind his attractive female victims after they say his name three times while looking in a mirror.

Also the worse series of movies ever filmed, with the possible exception of Pumpkin Head and the Craft.
"You lookin fo candy man, you found him bitch" - Dude in bathroom Candyman II
by Jaggerrules July 14, 2004
An erection of the penis
Bloke: The candyman is here!
by Kevin Marshall September 07, 2006
Slang term used at a greeting or a fairwell, or possibly just a nick-name.
Yo what up Candyman

See ya later Candyman

Daaaaaamn you such a Candyman
by Candyman February 22, 2003
A 40+ year old hired by the government who screws children for a living. Sexually insecure yet sly, he plots ways to lure kids into his pants. The pay is average.
Gaaaaaaaaawd DAAAMN! I wanna get fucked by the Candyman.
by King of Jing July 09, 2006
one who brings candy to little boys and girls. his payment it the happiness of the litte kids.
ahhhhh, it's the candy man, hoooraaaah, yaaaay.
by allah ownz January 23, 2007
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