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Stu-Pidasso; A stupid asshole
As Mitch is drinking the last beer and never buys.
Andy; Hey Stu-Pidasso go get some beer.
by Candyman May 14, 2004
As you walk down the street, you are following a big ol' guy. He got that gansta walk , he got that gansta talk. But as you pass the guy, you realize... HES WHITE! and that my son is a true Wanksta
by Candyman February 22, 2003
1. TOTALLY TUBULAR!!!!! ... narf narf
2. ballin' i.e. candyman style
3. mad chill
2. dam nigga, dats fiddy cent
3. ya she's fiddy cent.... a night
by Candyman February 22, 2003
Slang term used at a greeting or a fairwell, or possibly just a nick-name.
Yo what up Candyman

See ya later Candyman

Daaaaaamn you such a Candyman
by Candyman February 22, 2003

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