Cameron is the sweetest guy you'll ever meet and is very different from everyone else. He knows just how to make you laugh at things you never saw funny before. You get a feeling of butterflies every time your with him. Your scared to mess up in front of him but he will still adore you either way. He's the most loyal and honest guy you'll ever meet. And very good at sports, especially soccer, football, or baseball. Keep him around, it'll end up into something good.
God, I wish my boyfriend was Cameron.
by thecoolest1234 June 20, 2011
Cameron's are sweet, non-judgemental guys. They will do anything to win a girls heart and are a tad bit clingy, in an enchanting way though. Cameron's are very tall men who wear nice clothing to pull it off. Preferably they tend to like to wear suits every now and then. They are very trust worthy people, and are great with family. They try to act bold, brave, and strong all the time but they do have a soft and sensitive side to them. Once you have met a Cameron and gained all their respect they will go out of their way to help you out. Cameron's have the best manners, always remembering their please and thank you's. They are extremely flirty and know exactly what to say to get you in the mood. A Cameron can be a true friend, or a great lover.
Girl 1: Isn't Cameron so handsome, ugh, too bad he's got a girl already...
Girl 2: I know right?!
by kindahotkenzee March 15, 2016
Cameron is a beautiful girl. Everyone wants to be her friend. She has lots of friends, she is nice and very loving. I wish I was her. She has the best smile that can always make everyone smile. She doesn't care what people think about her. She is very strong and brave. If you have a Cameron as a friend you are a very very lucky person!
I want a Cameron!
by Lady12355 May 10, 2015
Smart but does not show it off. Has cute freckles and thick solid colored hair. Is always looking for the one, usually not even noticing. Usually has a deep charming voice. Always has something to say. The biggest flirt when it comes to being in a serious relationship. Good kisser and is always in the mood for having fun. Not too afraid to speak their mind. Loves outdoors, and is a great athlete. Specializing in football, gymnastics, and baseball. If you are in a relationship with a ️Cameron, watch out for people trying to steal him from you.
Have you met Cameron yet? He is totally cute!
by Kristan1005 April 12, 2015
Cameron is a cute boy with perfect eyebrows. He tends to be annoying and a bit mean at times but he is the funniest person ever. When you see him in the hallway you can't help but smile at how good looking he is. Cameron is a rich boy and seems like he's got it all, but he's insecure beneath his insults. He has a perfect smile and great hair.
You're annoying but cute. Gosh you're such a Cameron!
by Kingflyp February 01, 2014
the most amazing man in the whole world, fantastic sense of humor, taste in music, and sexy tattoos. He is always there for his girl, and knows how to treat her right.
best boyfriend any girl can have!!!!
Whos that babe??

thats cameron
by puffin88 June 06, 2011
A guy who is very nice person, but has a big dick that impresses the ladies. He gets all da bitches he wants.
Look at Cameron and all those bitches!
by ZanesWhoe June 18, 2016
Cameron is a fuckboy. He will make you feel beautiful and then throw you away.
Person: "What is your name?"
Cameron: "Cameron. By the way, you are hot."
Person:"Abort mission!" *Runs in the other direction*
Cameron: "That ass!"
by Steve5214 June 25, 2016
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