the most amazing man in the whole world, fantastic sense of humor, taste in music, and sexy tattoos. He is always there for his girl, and knows how to treat her right.
best boyfriend any girl can have!!!!
Whos that babe??

thats cameron
by puffin88 June 06, 2011
A scrawny heartbroken tight ass that acts like a little girl
Man up Cameron
by Susty July 21, 2014
Cameron is cool kid but he is ultra suppa duppa hecka decka gey.Who is so gey he can't even get the D.VC4L
Cameron is so Ultra Suppa Duppa Hecka Decka Gey.
by Chlorofluorocarbon Genius May 20, 2014
A sweet guy who you will fall in love with easily. He also like to play games with your heart. Be careful, because he will break your heart very quickly and it will hurt because you probably fell in love with him very deeply.
by Broken-Heart November 16, 2011
He'll appear to be sweet and loving. He usually is, and he'll do anything for the ones he loves. He's super funny, energetic, and loves to have fun. He seems like a flirt, and trust me--he is, but he's really shy in truth. However, greed gets to him, and sometimes he will make the wrong decisions. He charms girls and is a lady-killer, but that leads to some bad things.
Alex: Did you hear?
Janice: What?
Alex: Cameron cheated on Maria.
Janice: NO WAY? He seemed like such a nice guy!
Alex: That's Cameron for you.
by thecluelessothergirl August 02, 2011
an extremely sexy player. also goes by ass, and will hit on every girl he can just to get it in. very flirtatious and hot, easily lovable. has many girls fighting over him, and is conscious of the fact that he is persuasive. uses it to his advantage to persuade girls to do things for/with him. an amazing asshole i fell in love with.
Yea, look at him flirting with those girls. What a Cameron.
by jamielove13 February 20, 2011
Extremely sexy man with a very large penis. Hard to get. Very good in sports, especially hockey. Typically The coolest Gingers on the planet. If you find a Cameron congratulations, and do not let him go. He is also amazing in bed.
"Person 1- See that sick ginger over there gettin babes?

Person 2- Yeah.

Person 3- What's his name?

Person 4Cameron. Duhhh.
by AnExtremelyGoodlookingWoman September 26, 2011

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