Name of a person
Cameron Green
by K56 March 25, 2014
Hot, sexy, brown-haired, blue eyed hunk of a man. He's quite badass.
That must be Cameron, he's fine and ripped.
by Amon23 September 20, 2013
The sweetest guy you'll ever meet. He won't ever try to hurt you. He will never make you sad, he is perfect. Usally with blue eyes, dimples, and perfect blond hair.
I love Cameron.
by cameronlover26 December 04, 2012
Camerons are the best people that you'll ever meet. She will most likely be smart, funny, and gorgeous. Alot of people are jealous. Her smile will brighten an entire room. Everyone notices Camerons. They tend to get annoyed very easy and have a bit of a temper. Camerons are the most awkward people you could meet but they usually have a lot of friends, and are very good in sports. They have attractive personalities that make everyone want to be around them. Camerons always speak their minds and love to make people laugh. They are the ones who cheer you up on the worst days and who always will be there for you, no matter what. Camerons are true friends and tend to love all who love her.
"Look at how amazing Cameron looks today!"

"I wish I was Cameron."

"I love Cameron."

"Cameron is such a great friend."

"Everyone likes her... I wish I was Cameron!"

"She's so perfect. Is her name Cameron?"
by BobThePedophiile February 25, 2012
Smart but does not show it off. Has cute freckles and thick solid colored hair. Is always looking for the one, usually not even noticing. Usually has a deep charming voice. Always has something to say. The biggest flirt when it comes to being in a serious relationship. Good kisser and is always in the mood for having fun. Not too afraid to speak their mind. Loves outdoors, and is a great athlete. Specializing in football, gymnastics, and baseball. If you are in a relationship with a ️Cameron, watch out for people trying to steal him from you.
Have you met Cameron yet? He is totally cute!
by Kristan1005 April 12, 2015
The name Cameron on a girl means one of the most fun and athletic girls you will meet. She is always smiling and is fun and energetic. She is smart and pretty. She usually has brown hair and is very smart. She is never afraid to do anything that's asked of her. Loves to be outgoing and will always be by you side. She loves to sing even if her voice isn't the best and will hang out with you even in the middle of the night. She is amazing and fun to be around. If you meet a Cameron you have to hold on to her and never start drama or talk bad about her. She could snap you like a twig with her athletic ability. She is amazing.
by Girls_True_Name_Meanings February 25, 2015
Cameron is the most amazing, down to earth girl youll ever confront. Beautiful and sweet, Cameron is trustworthy and loyal. Some people call her "crazy" because of her wild personality, but others adore her for it! Cameron has a few friends, but she only chooses the closest and loyalist friends to be hers. She knows when she likes a boy and she knows it for sure, but she might get too carried away with her feelings before she can control all of them. Cameron is a great companion and she always tries her best, giving 100% effort in everything she does. Everyone just LOVES her!
"Hey, is that Cameron?!"

"OMG- It is! Let's go say hi! I met her last week, and she's AWESOME!"
by Cami Boo Boo Child =) April 05, 2013

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