A twat/group of twats (camerons)
A liar
Someone with is ok with destroying peoples lives for self gain
A puppet plaything
'That Bob is such a cameron, he puts his bins in the street in front of his house.' And 'Hey Jenny, you know Alan punched a baby back into his momma? He's such a cameron.'
by Key Van Man May 15, 2015
Liar, cheat, biggest piece of shit. Plain and simple! Total douche bag! Come on sweet and charming and then BAM!!! Flips the script and then he's gone
He's a total Cameron!
by You wish January 29, 2015
A misogynistic bigot who should be avoided at all costs.
Person 1: Hey isn't that Cameron over there?
Person 2: Yeah, make sure you avoid him, he's a dick.
by ococ August 10, 2014
A smoker who believes he is perfect and all the girls swoon for him. He makes other guys jealous and cheats on girls and gets away with it.
Guy1: He is kissing his ex. Doesn't he have a girlfriend?
Guy2: he's a Cameron so his girlfriend won't find out.
by Twerklikeablackwoman January 06, 2014
A sweet guy who you will fall in love with easily. He also like to play games with your heart. Be careful, because he will break your heart very quickly and it will hurt because you probably fell in love with him very deeply.
by Broken-Heart November 16, 2011
Cameron is cool kid but he is ultra suppa duppa hecka decka gey.Who is so gey he can't even get the D.VC4L
Cameron is so Ultra Suppa Duppa Hecka Decka Gey.
by Chlorofluorocarbon Genius May 20, 2014
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