Extremely sexy man with a very large penis. Hard to get. Very good in sports, especially hockey. Typically The coolest Gingers on the planet. If you find a Cameron congratulations, and do not let him go. He is also amazing in bed.
"Person 1- See that sick ginger over there gettin babes?

Person 2- Yeah.

Person 3- What's his name?

Person 4Cameron. Duhhh.
by AnExtremelyGoodlookingWoman September 26, 2011
an jerk who lies about everything and is a complete psycho. He thinks he's the hottest thing ever, but actually needs to get braces and wear bigger hats. He'll love your best friend one day and the next he'll love you. Cameron is great at basketball, but that's it. He's tall and athletic and basically all he will ever be. Tries for way younger girls like 3 years younger. So girls you ever meet a Cameron run, because they're mental.
Cameron: "Where were you today?"

Me: "Out with a friend."

Cameron: "Which friend? Do I know this person? Is it that kid that says he loves you?? That's it i'm just going to call him and ask him."

Me: "You're psycho."
by pissedoff0430 September 24, 2013
a simple person that says nothing useful at all
-i need a dump
-your such a cameron!
by zyxwvtsrqponmlkjihgfedcba March 19, 2013
Cameron... she's usually small and really hot. she likes being imature and doesnt like shit starters. Cameron cant stand lyers and mootchers. Cameron loves hanging out with guys and likes being the center of attention. Never get on Cameron's bad side because she will know how to ruin you quietly. Cameron doesnt trust a lot of people, whenever you want to be a friend with Cameron you have to build her trust. Cameron wants everything in the world. Cameron knows how to fight and is always ready. Cameron can be bitchy if you are fake. Cameron's are usually loud. Sometimes Cameron can be stuborn.
I want to be just like Cameron.
I will Cameron you right now if you dont shut the fuck up!
by joyluvshugs October 26, 2011
Is a state of mind approximating to that of an elderly Colonel from the 19th century "guffawing" into his Gin and tonic with not the faintset idea of what is going on.
Heavily rumoured to be "liked by all" but never by anyone you actually speak to. (People you speak to tend to tell you he looks shifty and untrustworthy)
Suspected that this rumour was started by the Greater Biased "Murdoch" bird (who has been known to nest in the UK, especially when the Ashes are on) and the Daily Mail.
"See that ridge Carutthers? Cameron here took that single handedly; Isn't that right Cameron?"
"That's right sir"
"Increasing the limit for stamp duty was his idea as well"
"Yes sir, I thought of it, not 25 million home owners who have been asking for it since the mid 90's..it was really all my idea"
by Scritty April 15, 2010
complete dumbass, doesnt know left to right, looks like a chipmunk that has epilepsy. Also cannot talk to girls.
Cameron! The other ways over there!!!!
by HUHAREYOUDUMB October 22, 2011
1. The act of going into a friends house and eating everything in sight.

2. Being a fat ugly douche.
3. Having a girl friend thats clearly mentally challenged bc your fat.

4. Asking a friend to take u to mcdonalds, then ur bank, then to seaworld to see his fat orca whale cousins, and then finally back home
5. Being a creepy, overweight, lardass faggot.

6. Having a small weiner
7. Shaving ur armpits
Friend 1: "Dude quit cameroning my house."

Cameron: "Sorry bro jus take me to my bank!"
by Natalie Maier 1 August 19, 2011

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