A fun, lovable girl that can make the most depressing day the happiest day. She is absolutely gorgeous and HILARIOUS. And she is a boss ass bitch and will make heads turn because gurllll she got bootayyyy. did i mention she was gorgeous?!
Heads turned when Cameron walked down the street because guys wanted that booty.
by sparkle_freak01 November 01, 2014
Cameron is one of the few people who will make your heart melt. He is the world's most perfect boyfriends. He is not a go getter. Camerons are usually very shy but once they get into their confort zone, you will have the time of your lives. If you meet a Cameron never let him go. He usually has dark brown eyes that will draw any girl in. His smile makes your heart melt and he is extremely romantic and true to his girlfriend. If you meet a Cameron NEVER let him go. He is the one who will be with you through thick and thin, and he really does care. He really can never hold a grudge. Best guy to be romantically invovled with if you scramble the letters in the name Cameron it spells, Romance.
I am so happy to be dating Cameron
God, I wish I had a Cameron
Cameron is Perfect
I love Cameron
by I Love Cameron September 15, 2013
One of the nicest people you'll ever meet. You wanna be friends with a Cameron.
Cameron is my best friend ever!
by fluffymcdoodles April 22, 2013
the hottest guy you'll ever meet. you'll usually stumble upon cameron unknowingly, but if you play your cards right, you'll end up happy :)
i played sexy tiger when i was around cameron, now i have the hottest guy ever
by anonymous <3 <3 <3 November 05, 2011
Cameron is an amazing boy with an amazing heart. He normally flirts around until he finds the one. Some times he has a twin sister who is your friend so it makes things awkward. He knows who he loves and dosent want to come to terms with it. He normally has blue eyes and dirty blond hair. He is a swimmer and isn't the type of guy who falls for the popular bean-pole girls. He truly is an amazing guy! <3
Yeah his name is Cameron
by hollachiqua April 22, 2011
The most amazing, sweet, talented, caring guy you will ever meet. He is most of the time tall with dazzling blue eyes. Cameron's are the most fun to be around and hangout with. He knows the right thing to say at the right time. When he says "I love you" he truly means it. Cameron's are very outgoing. You can text or talk to him all day and never run out of something to talk about. He can be hilarious but so serious at the same I time. He is so easy to fall in love with it's unreal. Cameron's are the best of friends you could ever ask for. They are the most amazing boyfriends in the world. If you're ever lucky enough to be in a Cameron's life..never let him go.
Cameron's are amazing!
by alaska907 August 31, 2014
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