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an awesome girl who is so beautiful and amazing!shes like a goddess!and any boy named matt duz not deserve her because hes a jerk that dates her friends!she is loved by many guys and so many people want her!she is good at EVERYTHING!including being really hot and sexy!she makes the boys drule!she can send sum really mean txts but shes so hot u cnt get mad at her!Camerons allways have a nice ass!
"that girl is so sexy her name must be cameron!"
"ya look at that ass!"
by CaMmY878 May 18, 2009
the most amazing man in the whole world, fantastic sense of humor, taste in music, and sexy tattoos. He is always there for his girl, and knows how to treat her right.
best boyfriend any girl can have!!!!
Whos that babe??

thats cameron
by puffin88 June 06, 2011
Has the biggest dick you'll ever see in your lifetime! He's a complete stud and a chick magnet!! A person who has a cool set of balls and a huge dick, he also fucks like a beast but is very kind and caring!! You really should have a Cameron in your life! And if you don't go find one right away!!!! You'll love to have a Cameron in your life!!!
1.) Cameron fulfills my sex life!!
2.) I love having a Cameron in my life!!
3.) Cameron is such a nice caring guy!
by SmarterThanYouBich January 03, 2014
A sweet guy who you will fall in love with easily. He also like to play games with your heart. Be careful, because he will break your heart very quickly and it will hurt because you probably fell in love with him very deeply.
by Broken-Heart November 16, 2011
He'll appear to be sweet and loving. He usually is, and he'll do anything for the ones he loves. He's super funny, energetic, and loves to have fun. He seems like a flirt, and trust me--he is, but he's really shy in truth. However, greed gets to him, and sometimes he will make the wrong decisions. He charms girls and is a lady-killer, but that leads to some bad things.
Alex: Did you hear?
Janice: What?
Alex: Cameron cheated on Maria.
Janice: NO WAY? He seemed like such a nice guy!
Alex: That's Cameron for you.
by thecluelessothergirl August 02, 2011
an extremely sexy player. also goes by ass, and will hit on every girl he can just to get it in. very flirtatious and hot, easily lovable. has many girls fighting over him, and is conscious of the fact that he is persuasive. uses it to his advantage to persuade girls to do things for/with him. an amazing asshole i fell in love with.
Yea, look at him flirting with those girls. What a Cameron.
by jamielove13 February 20, 2011
A strong guy with blue eyes and blond hair that will defend his friends or girlfriend with strength. He may not be stronger thatn you, but he knows how to take someone down with a few simple moves. Usually a football player, every girl thinks he is dreamy, but he rejects snobby girls and sticks with girls that are cute, nice and can be themselves around him.
girl 1 " Dang jenny, isn't cameron soo hot??"

girl 2 " yeah but you wont be going out with him anytime soon...you're such a poser"

girl 1 " shutup im daydreaming..."
by Sf_LaxandFootball December 17, 2011
Extremely sexy man with a very large penis. Hard to get. Very good in sports, especially hockey. Typically The coolest Gingers on the planet. If you find a Cameron congratulations, and do not let him go. He is also amazing in bed.
"Person 1- See that sick ginger over there gettin babes?

Person 2- Yeah.

Person 3- What's his name?

Person 4Cameron. Duhhh.
by AnExtremelyGoodlookingWoman September 26, 2011