The starting Auburn QB who has been under scrutiny all year long. The most storied NCAAF player this year. He also took 200,000+ dollars from multiple colleges and has been arrested 6 times. Still a damn good player
Cam Newton just took the money and ran for the touchdown!
by Thaddeus Pimpin December 31, 2010
Top Definition
To steal one's laptop and subsequently toss it out a window.
If you don't shut up, I'm going to Cam Newton your laptop!
by Jbell255 November 10, 2010
adj. Perfect, Superb, lacking flaw
im smoking some CamNewton weed
Her ass is CamNewton
by SuperMari64 via DilligafBanks December 14, 2010
Selling full boat and RAP on a ticket.
I heard Kyle, you know that guy that wears his hair like Justin Bieber, sells really good but can't fuck with a Cam Newton
by Bobo Manjam January 20, 2011
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