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In poker, slang synonym for the hand officially called a full house: three cards of one rank, plus two cards of another rank. Three aces and two sevens is denoted as "aces full of sevens." Since many people in a poker game are uninvolved at any particular time, it gives poker players far too much time to make up new slang phrases about the game.
I had a 10 and a 7 in my hand, and the flop showed 7-7-10, so I had made my full boat.
by Evac156 February 24, 2005
Term used to describe a woman's VERY hairy pussy. Looks similar to having your cards fanned out in a hand of poker.
I took this cougar home last night and she had one hell of a full boat.
by Johnny Tats November 01, 2007
A definition for a full house. Stick came up with this and we laughed at him for it, but then later learned he was right....
Look he almost has a full boat!
by Mel February 11, 2005

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