A game that makes people think that they are gun experts after playing.
Person 1: "Look at this dude. It's an original AK47!"

Person 2: "You're a fucking idiot. It's clearly an AK74U with a retractable stock, dumbass."

Person 1: "Shut the fuck up, you play Call of Duty."
by StoutShako March 29, 2014
Call of Duty - A game filled with bitching 5 year old kids with parents who will yell at you when their kid threatens to hack you. Sure it was fun for a while until cheaters, boosters, and modders came in. Tantrums, Threats, and Hackers are only half of what makes cod a bullshit game.
Here is what happens in an average Call Of Duty Game:


Adult: "Kid, fuck off and get a life"

Kid: "Shut up you bitch ass cunt whore fuck ass"

Adult: "Bro, do u even lift?"


Adult: "... Yeah sure"
*gets booted offline*
Kid: "Cracker not gonna-" *gets hacked*
*Adult comes back*
Adult: "Wow what a fag"
Normal Player: "Bro, that was kinda extreme."
Adult: "YOU WANNA GO TO????
by I Shit on Hippies November 23, 2013
See shit

A shitty First Person Shooter game that one can find on XBOX, PlayStation, Wii, and PC.

Call of Duty has been known to say that they're innovative... That's a bunch of bullshit. Each new iteration of CoD is the same fucking shit, just with different places and graphics.

Call of Duty has also attracted the most annoying fan base in gaming history.

A typical CoD lobby usually consists of...
-Kids that are way too young to even have an XBOX Live / PSN Account
-Shitty clans like FaZe (Come at me bro)
-The kitchen sink

Avoid Call of Duty at all costs because it's a virus that'll infect your console / PC.
Guy 1: Do you like Call of Duty?
Guy 2: No, I like actually having sex.
Guy 1: But CoD is so much better!
Guy 2: No, Actually having a life is better.
by Some Random Guy with a Name July 28, 2014
An excellent WW2 FPS. The game runs on a modified Quake III engine, using the same control map as Medal of Honor: Allied Assult. What other posts don't tell people is that CoD was developed by the SAME people who made Medal of Honor Allied Assault. These devlopers left Electronic Arts (who publish MOH) and went to Activision to publish CoD. In other words CoD was good because they built on what they had learned from MoH Alled Assault. MoH is not garbage; it was the first step with allowed the CoD game to flourish. That's the whole story!
Call of Duty is the best; MoH was the first.
by rhcbulldog June 01, 2004
A game where every game for different releases come as the same game. Every sequel is the same game, just an update in weapons and title
Best comment ever - Call of Duty Black Ops and Call of Duty Modern Warfare...I can't tell the difference except for the front cover
by CraigTheTruthSeeker October 30, 2013
the game you play when you can't play halo.
Scotty: hey wanna play call of duty?
Johnny: wheres halo?
Scotty: its broken...
Johnny:.....fine I guess.
by cherryboy24 February 09, 2010
Mostly called COD. The game series which used to be good before black ops II was released.

The game used to be realistic before they added the zombie mode which was good but then the developers started to fill the games with bullshit, (especially in black ops II) which made no sense.

It became full of unrealistic futuristic shit, campers, try hards, bummer boys, screaming 10 year old kids, n00bs, trickshotters, overpowered guns and the developers have also ran out of ideas so they copy from better games such as battlefield and halo.

There are also thousands of people who are call of duty n00bs and don't think about anything apart from call of duty which makes the game also turn people into total ass wipes.
the last call of duty I played was MW3 and after that was when COD started becoming a pile of shit.
by Prostate Exam August 15, 2014

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